Risk Management Goes Beyond Insurance

At Orion, we say that if insurance is the ruler, then risk management is the yardstick. The key question is how you measure your company’s risk.

The historical method of transacting insurance is the bidding game, wherein brokers offer quotes in the hope of making a sale. We believe that the best approach is to start with risk management and then focus on insurance. That way, you know which exposures to ensure and how best to cover them.

The risk management approach helps identify if you want to eliminate risk, transfer risk, purchase insurance, or institute some form of self-insurance. Effective loss prevention strategies help minimize the frequency and severity of loss. In addition, comprehensive claims management procedures are implemented to move claims to cost effective closures and help prevent reoccurrences. Orion can help you transform the frustrating insurance renewal process into a strategic business advantage. Our goal is to help protect your business and employees, decrease your long-term cost, and increase your company’s profitability.

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