Orion Insurance and Risk Assessment

Managing risk is the key to transforming insurance from a necessary expense to a strategic business advantage. We provide a very effective process to accomplish this goal.

The Orion Insurance and Risk Assessment is our unique way to help you identify and manage the risks and exposures facing your company. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your risk management and insurance programs.

The first step is to tour your facilities and ask key risk management questions to gain a greater understanding of your business and exposures. In the second step, we compare your coverage to your exposures to find coverage gaps and identify areas for improvement. We also review your safety program and actual losses to determine how to prevent re-occurrences.

Third, we design the appropriate insurance plan and services to better protect your business. We market the chosen coverage to the insurance marketplace in order to negotiate the best combination of coverage, service and premium. In the fourth step, we review the proposal with you and place the insurance with the chosen companies. We also implement the risk management and insurance action plan to maximize service and improve your risk profile over time.

Our unique process will enable you to better protect your business while reducing your long-term cost of risk and insurance.