Employee Benefits Services

  • Consulting Services
  • Plan Design
  • Marketing
  • Open Enrollment (Bilingual)
  • Claims Management
  • Human Resource Consulting Service
  • Compliance Services
  • COBRA Administration and Form 5500
  • Wellness Programs and Health Fairs

Consulting Services

Orion works with you to explore the options available for your particular demographics, utilization and budget. We then design the most cost effective plan that rewards your employees for their valuable contributions to your organization’s success. Our professionals listen to your goals and help you create a comprehensive program that is truly beneficial for your employees.

Plan Design

Proper plan design matches coverage to your particular employee demographics. It also helps ensure you do not waste premium dollars and that the benefits are meaningful to your employees and dependents.


Orion maintains effective working relationships with virtually all of the insurance companies and service providers in order to negotiate effectively. Once your employee benefits plan is designed, we provide a compelling Request for Proposal (RFP) to the underwriters and negotiate to obtain the most competitive premium possible.

Open Enrollment (Bilingual)

Open enrollment is the opportunity to showcase the significant value of the benefits offered to your employees. It is your chance to differentiate your organization and how it cares about the health and well-being of your plan participants and their dependents. A well presented open enrollment also teaches your employees how to use the plan properly to maximize participant satisfaction and minimize costs.

Orion provides comprehensive employee enrollment guides that display the comprehensive plan and your company’s generosity.

Claims Management

Your Orion team provides expert claims management to help ensure the plans operate smoothly and maximize participant satisfaction.

We intervene to get bills paid quickly, get employees and dependents covered, and help employees utilize the plans most successfully. We structure and manage Third Party Administrator (TPA) services for high deductible and self-funded plans to best service your employees and minimize the workload on your human resources department.

Human Resource Consulting

Orion provides expert human resource consulting services through ThinkHR. The consulting service offers answers to unlimited HR questions by qualified HR professionals with knowledge of laws and regulations in all fifty states. Thousands of forms and documents are also accessible to help improve your employee benefits manual and policies. The third service is webinars to train your supervisors and employees.

Compliance With Human Resources and the Affordable Care Act

The compliance issues facing employers today are extensive and constantly changing. Current laws and newly enacted legislation expose companies to liabilities for lawsuits from employees and fines if not properly managed. Examples include hiring and firing, workers’ compensation, the Affordable Care Act, Americans With Disabilities Act, FMLA, HIPAA, COBRA, NLRA and Unions, Wage and Hour, Privacy Laws, risk management, and overall employment practices.

Orion provides valuable resources to help our clients comply with state and federal regulations. We consult with you to determine your needs and develop a plan to help improve your compliance situation. ThinkHR is one such resource. It provides unlimited HR telephone consultation, thousands of forms and documents, and human resource training webinars. Whatever your situation, we can help reduce your workload and protect your business.

COBRA Administration and Form 5500

Orion provides resources to manage COBRA administration and file Form 5500’s for our clients.

Wellness Programs and Health Fairs

Implementing an effective wellness program can help your employees and their families live longer healthier lives, which reduces healthcare costs over time. A well-designed program can also improve productivity and reduce potential workers’ compensation claims.