Property & Casualty Insurance Services

  • Consulting
  • Showcase Marketing & Negotiation
  • Policy Administration
  • Loss Prevention
  • Property & Casualty Claims Management
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Management
  • Insurance Company Relationships


Orion consults with you to design an insurance program that best protects your business at the lowest long-term cost of risk and insurance. One of the services we offer is a Risk Management Assessment. The Assessment will identify exposures, uncover gaps in your current coverage, and make recommendations for coverage improvements.

Showcase Marketing & Negotiation

Underwriters price your insurance premiums based on several factors, including whether you are best in class. The key to effective premium negotiation is to present the best risk profile of your company to the underwriters and work hard to achieve it. We work with you to improve your risk profile by developing effective policies and procedures, implementing effective loss prevention programs, and managing claims to efficient closures. Then, we showcase the positive attributes of your improved risk profile so the underwriters can see how you will be profitable for them to insure.

Underwriters trust our applications because they are complete and accurate. We have built effective working relationships on the foundation of trust, integrity, and partnership. Underwriters know that Orion will work with the client and the insurer to help prevent loss and effectively manage claims. This encourages them to provide the most competitive quote because they have more confidence they can make a profit at the lower premium.

Our unique marketing method and excellent relationships with virtually all of the insurers enables us to provide very competitive pricing for the coverage you need to protect your business and minimize your net cost.

Policy Administration

Perhaps the most basic service a broker provides is administrating or servicing the policies you purchase. The systems and procedures that we implement enable us to provide fast and effective service. We check policies for accuracy and request the insurance companies to make necessary corrections. We make changes to your coverage portfolio throughout the year as your business changes and grows. We utilize the Applied Epic agency automation to deliver certificates of insurance and other necessary services when you need them. The professional expertise and caring of your service team is a tangible result of our commitment to your success.

Loss Prevention

Our highest calling in this business is to protect human life. Second, we work to protect your corporate assets and property. The best way to minimize your long-term cost of risk and insurance is to prevent a loss from occurring in the first place.

We work with you and the insurance company’s loss control team to identify causes of loss, design effective loss control programs, and help train your employees to work safely. The appropriate action plan can make all the difference in your long-term costs, whether it is workers’ compensation, property, fleet safety, or product liability.

Property & Casualty Claims Management

Orion’s claims team begins proactively managing every claim at first notice. We research the coverage each policy affords and work with you and the adjuster to ensure you receive the benefits of the coverage you purchased. Our goal is to deliver prompt payment and help you navigate the complex issues that may arise. After all, that’s why you bought the insurance in the first place.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Orion knows that workers’ compensation claims can be complex, frustrating and expensive. We work with adjusters from the beginning of each claim to establish effective plans of action and manage every claim to final closure. Orion’s claims management process helps ensure all claims are investigated and your company is best protected and your costs are minimized. Our experience as former adjusters helps us know how to be your advocate in every step of the process.

Orion’s effective services include:

  • Conducting claims reviews to manage each claim to a cost effective closure
  • Establishing effective action plans on all open claims
  • Following up with the adjusters to ensure they implement the claims management plan
  • Ensuring proper claims investigation, including subrogation and apportionment
  • Fighting suspicious or fraudulent claims
  • Projecting experience modifications
  • Creating unit statistical filing reports
  • Reviewing experience modification worksheets for correctness
  • Working with the insurers and bureau to correct experience modifications when necessary
  • Selecting and managing the service of third party administrators (TPAs)

Insurance Company Relationships

Orion maintains effective working relationships with most of the major insurance companies to provide our clients with the broadest choices available. We utilize our wholesale brokers to access companies that are non-admitted or have specialized programs. Our relationships with underwriters, loss prevention and claims specialists at the various insurers enable us to effectively represent our client’s best interests.