Showcase Marketing

Underwriters price your insurance premiums based on several factors, including whether you are best in class. The key to effective premium negotiation is to present the best risk profile of your company to the underwriters and work hard to achieve it.

We work with you to improve your risk profile by developing effective policies and procedures, implementing effective loss prevention programs, and managing claims to efficient closures. Then we showcase the positive attributes of your improved risk profile so the underwriters can see how you will be profitable for them to insure.

Underwriters trust our applications because they are complete and accurate. We have built effective working relationships on the foundation of trust, integrity, and partnership. Underwriters know that Orion will work with the client and the insurer to help prevent loss and effectively manage claims. This encourages them to provide the most competitive quote because they have more confidence they can make a profit at the lower premium.

Our unique marketing method and excellent relationships with virtually all of the insurers enables us to provide very competitive pricing for the coverage you need to protect your business and minimize your net cost.